My Visions

Today I wanted to share something personal about me.  I started having visions when I was in my twenties.  Some were good visions and some not so good.  This is why I believe there is a God and He will always be with me.  He will never leave me.


The very first vision I had was when I was twenty something.  I was walking in a store with this little boy.  It was just the two of us.  No daddy around.  It wasn’t until many, many years later that my husband would come into the picture.  But with that vision, I knew I would have a baby boy someday.   And it seems that he loves to go shopping.

1999 The second one was when my Grandma Katie passed away.  God showed me a vision of my grandma surrounded by a whirlwind.  That is when I knew she was with God.

The third vision was God handed me a piece of folded paper and inside was a picture of my sister, and a baby sitting on her lap.  I had texted my sister to tell her my vision and she confirmed that her son and his wife were going have a baby.

The fourth vision was the devil peeking in through a peephole and his face was changing into many different faces.  It looked as if he was trying to look for me.

2013 The fifth vision was when I was laying in bed, waiting for the alarm to go off for work.  In the vision my cousin  called me at work and told me that my uncle passed away.  (My uncle had cancer.)  But later that morning at work, it was my mom that called me and told me about my uncle’s passing. 

Also this is not a vision but more of a demonic paralysis.  One night I was sleeping and all of a sudden some sort of evil spirit was holding me down.  I couldn’t move.  This has happened twice to me. 


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