Money Saving Apps

Who wants to start the new year saving some money? I love free money. Here are a few money saving apps I use:

Dosh is an app you sign up, confirm your email, link your debit or credit card and you get $5.00. Shop in store at Walmart, Sam’s Club or any of there listed merchants and get cash back.

Ibotta is an app that you select the items that you are going to buy, than upload your receipt and get your cash back.

Checkout 51 is like Ibotta. You select the items you are going to buy, than upload your receipt and get cash back.

Fetch rewards is probably one of the most easiest money making app ever. Just upload your receipt and get points. Collect points to get free gift cards.

Turn any grocery receipt into savings! You’ll save on thousands of products EVERY time they’re on your receipt. Enter my referral code, JJ2RR at the sign-up screen and you’ll get 2,000 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points!) when you complete one receipt. Download here


Father’s sarcastic rant goes viral | FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Dan Howard’s daughter had come home from college for the holidays. Like any father, he was happy to have her around – but after five days of living with a college kid, he finally cracked.

Click below for the video

Source: Father’s sarcastic rant goes viral | FOX 13 Tampa Bay


A Moms Dream

 I had a dream last night that all the laundry was done. 

Family Game Night {and some free printables}

Great idea for a family game night or even a birthday party.

Little House on the Circle

Last week we had a Family Game Night as our weekly family night together.  Game night is always a favorite…and it’s pretty easy to do because it doesn’t really require much prep time.  Just grab some snacks and pull out a bunch of games.  Super easy and lots of fun!

Game Night

This time we added a new simple and fun twist to our game night: we had “medals” for the winner(s) of each game.

Candy Medals

I was inspired by this pin I found on Pinterest, where someone had made “Olympic Game Medals” out of candy bars attached to pieces of ribbon.  It looked super simple, so I made a bunch of our own using a variety of mini candy bars (which I found on sale at the grocery store for $1 for a pack of 6-8, but you can also usually get them at the dollar store too) and I used ribbon…

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“Who keeps us in life And does not allow our feet to slip.” Psalm 66:9, NIV

Can you just stop for a brief moment in the midst of your busy day and think about how in the world you’ve made it this far? How is it that you made it alive from all of those horrible situations? I know we can all relate this morning that life has been anything but easy. We can all agree that God’s goodness and His protection has always KEPT us. That no matter how difficult the situation may have been or how distant He’s felt, He has never left your side, He’s KEPT you.

Those moments when you thought you were going to loose your mind, God KEPT you sane. Those moments when you thought you couldn’t go forward any longer, God KEPT you moving. Those moments when you wanted to lash out to those people that have wronged you, God KEPT your mouth shut. Those moments when you barely had any money to eat, God KEPT your stomach full, He KEPT your lights on and your rent paid. When you faced situations that made you weak in the knees, He’s KEPT you standing.

I can go on and on but I know you can clearly see how He’s KEPT His promises over your life. So today, KEEP your first love for Him burning and start thanking Him for what He has done and for what He will continue doing in your life. He is faithful yesterday, today and forever more. He has KEPT you woman of God, so rejoice and love on Him. Shout out, “I AM A KEPT WOMAN”!

Prayer: Thank You King Jesus for keeping me together throughout all of life’s circumstances. As I reflect on this today, I just want to tell you thank You. Continue keeping me in the palm of Your hand, in Jesus name, Amen!

Inspiring Women Around the World. Praying For Revival Among Us. Encouraging Unity.

Source: Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals // The best daily devotional for women.

Great Wedge Salad

These mini salad wedges would be a great add to the next family gathering or party.


Do you like blue cheese?  If you do, there is no finer than that made by the Maytag Dairy Farms, Inc. in Newton, Iowa.  Maytag blue cheese is created on a farm at the edge of the small town of Newton. They used to make washers and dryers there.  I discovered it when my darling sister sent us some for Christmas a few years ago.  I have reordered over and over again since that time.  Then, today I saw another perfect use for it.  Wouldn’t this be wonderful for Easter dinner?


recipe from Cafe Zupas

The wedge salad doesn’t take a lot to make, you just need a these key ingredients:

iceberg lettuce cut in wedges, bacon, fresh tomatoes, blue cheese or gorgonzola, chopped hard boiled eggs chopped red onions, ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing.

And, there you have it!  A classic wedge salad for all!

I can’t think of…

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A Letter of Regret From Your Anxious and Depressed Friend

I suffer from social anxiety and my daily tasks and duties can be very difficult at times. This letter that I’m reblogging, really says it all. It’s like someone was writing a story about me.

For The Home


I love these decorating ideas.  Check more out on the links below for more on my Pinterest board for the home.  And click on the pictures above to take you to right to their direct websites.

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