Money Saving Apps

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Here are some of my favorite money saving must have apps

1.  Walmart savings catcher. I’m a Walmart shopper, so why not let Walmart pay you back.  I’ve had this app since August 2014 and I’ve got back $184.47.  This has really come in handy for those low on dough days.

2. Shopular. This app I mostly use for Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JcPenney.  You could definetely save 40% on an item with this app.

3.  I usually use the computer for this one but you could use the app as well.  I love printable coupons.

Please share with me your favorite money saving apps.


Shoe Cupcakes | Little Delights


These are some cute high heel shoe cupcakes. Down below is another picture of even cuter.

Nail Polish Goodies

This would be a cute party favor at a girls party. Marshmallow and tootsie roll nail polish goodies. LOVE LOVE LOVE –

Build your own cupcake

Here is a creative way to keep the kids busy at a party, using dollar store painting trays.


Mini Pie Bar

This is one of the best ideas from I’ve seen, use pre-made graham cracker crust and… –


Make your own Solar oven

Make Your Own Solar Oven –

My Princess I will heal your heart


All my life as long as I can remember, God has always be here for me.  Not really having any friends, God was truly my only friend growing up.  Never once have I felt him leave me.  My father in law recently past away and our faith in God is what ‘s keeping us together.  It’s so heart breaking to see my husband have his moment’s.  But I know God will get him and his family through their pain and suffering.

Hello world!

Welcome to Mommy’s Pinterest.  Here I will be blogging about my many great finding’s on Pinterest, my faith, recipe’s and my journey as being a mom.  As a working mom, life can be challenging.  I have so many idea’s to share with you.