Memory of my father in law


This reminds me of a story my father in law told me of the funny incident at Universal Studios.

There was a stunt show about to start and rushed the family to hurry and run to get the best seats. Grabbing my mother in laws hand he ran while she struggled to run with him.

All of a sudden a Charlie Chaplin actor nearby sees this and runs up and sneaks his own hand while simultaneously releasing her hand. Very sneaky. He was a pro.  My father in law  never even noticed.

So, he’s running hard now dragging Charlie Chaplin. Charlie is playing the role walking like a duck while holding his hat. Unbeknownst to my father in law everyone is laughing it up including my husband and his brother.

When they finally get to the show, he turns around and startled like he saw a ghost. Charlie Chaplin also pretended to be startled. Everybody nearby is just busting a gut. The absolute funniest memory of my father in law.